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Haus Mansfield would like to thank everyone who has taken an interest in Gipsi.
Your comments and inquiries on her are greatly appreciated, we think she is special too. 
However, Gipsi is not available to lease nor is she for sale.

     Haus Mansfield, has two locations, Merrimack, NH and Warren, NH. Haus Mansfield is owned and operated by Michael and Dee Clark, brother and sister, who discovered their love for the German Shepherd Dog in their childhoods. They both have owned working and German Show line dogs over many years. Several years were taken to research lines, genetics, and the mechanics of breeding the best to the best in order to bring back to the German Show line dog the working ability that has been lost. Both have assisted in the breeding programs of other kennels, while learning and developing skills that would later bring them to the first breeding at Haus Mansfield.


     Currently, we have no planned breedings for 2012.

At Haus Mansfield, we believe that FORM FOLLOWS FUNCTION! This means our dogs are first and foremost dogs that can work,
be it Schutzhund, herding, Search and Rescue, law enforcement or personal service. We currently have dogs operational in Law Enforcement,
Search & Rescue, personal service, schutzhund and are happy to provide information about our dogs who are active in real life jobs.
Our dogs have the correct temperament as set forth by the German Standard (working ability, temperament and conformation) and our dogs are tested to prove that. We do, on occasion show our dogs in the German SV style conformation shows, but we prefer to work our dogs outside of the show ring, on the trial field. Before our dogs are bred, they meet all the requirements for breeding; they are proven on the trial field, medically tested, of strong character, and highly recommended for breeding by a German koremeister.

 This site updated on 8.26.2012

Bet you all have been wondering what happened to Darius vom Haus Mansfield? the puppy from the "D" Litter <Gipsi x Doc>?? Guess what!!??!!

Darius "K9 Bruder"
Graduated from the NH State Police Academy on June 21, 2012.
He was sworn in as a police officer for the Plymouth, NH Police Department on July 9, 2012!!
Bruder will return to the NH State Police Academy in September 2012 for 8 weeks to learn narcotic detection. Upon graduation of Narcotics School, he will be a certified Dual Purpose K9.
To view pictures of K9 Bruder's graduation, swearing in, training and demonstration with the Hanscom AFB MWDs & NH State Police K9 Units click----> Here <----

MAY 2012
A few times a year, we try to get litters together for a training day. Our last training day was held in May 2012.

Left to Right: Pete & Druidh, Skip & Cory, Peter & Celt, Martha, Bob & Dublin "Oliver", Derek & K9 Bruder, Kay with Dee's puppy Diva, and Momma Gipsi in the front.

Isabelle "helps" her Dad,
 Sgt. Newcomb of the Plymouth Police Dept. choose a K9 Partner

Updated pictures of some of the "C" litter have been added to the Litters Page 1.5.2011
Congratulations to Carol & Bram!!! SchH1 title under Johannes Grewe 12.19.2010!!!
Our Gipsi vom Sawtooth earned another title!!
IPO3!! under USA Judge Randall Hoadley at SNHWDC 8.28.2010
Pictures coming soon!!
August 21---Oran aka "Max" vom Kleinen Teich, handled, owned and trained by Rick Rodriques &
Oshi vom Kleinen Teich, bred, handled, owned and trained by Christine Gaumont, DVM earned their SchH1 titles!!
Max and Oshi were sired by our man Flint!
Congratulations to both Christine and Rick! Way to go!!!!

We are currently working on updating our pictures page, so check it out!
 Lots of pictures of Haus Mansfield dogs at work, play & training.
 We have added new FALL pictures below too! 11.25.2010 updated

Haus Mansfield donated funds to the Scarborough Maine
Police Department to assist in their purchase of a new K9.
Congratulations to officer Michael Sawyer and his new K9 partner "Kona".
May St. Michael keep you both safe! 
Haus Mansfield is proud to support our men & women in blue
who Serve & Protect.

Celt vom Haus Mansfield from our Gipsi & Olesko "C" litter
will be seen on Animal Planet sometime in late fall.
Stay tuned for more information on this.


Haus Mansfield also owns and operates Voran Productions, a photography company. If you are interested in utilizing Voran Productions for your event, or you are just looking for photographs of your canine friend, contact us at VomHausMansfield@aol.com  
We specialize in action photography.
Haus Mansfield is an active member in United Schutzhund Clubs of America
Southern New Hampshire Working Dog Club

Last updated
August 26, 2012


"Efficiency for work must count for more with the shepherd dog breeder
than the honours of the Show Ring.
The Queen of the Ball-Room is generally not a good mother."
~Max v. Stephanitz



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